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If there is anything which can be claimed as most powerful and omnipresent, it is love.
Not just human beings, even flora and fauna respond to it. All other emotions, vices and virtues emanate from love.

Our theme for this year’s production is "Tresna", which in Javanese language means love.

Through four plays under this umbrella theme, we have tried to decode the love by exploring various facets of love ranging from love between spouses; love for your father; obsessions; and love for the country.

  • Gol Gappe Shappe, is a satirical, light hearted comedy where there is a direct conflict Gol Gappe wala Bhoogol Tiwari Vs Nationalism. This story throws light on the shallow ideologies of the society and their ambiguous interpretation of nationalism.

  • Dolling is a tale of a submissive and docile girl Mehwish. Though introvert, she is bright and talented. However, she struggles to mingle with everyone or develop friendships. See how things turn across the table in this tale of friendship, love and obsession.

  • Justice Arjun Raheja is at crossroads of his life where he has to choose fighting a legal battle or leave the service with honour. One day Justice Raheja decides to scale Mount Everest and wishes to partner with his daughter. With an intent to have conquest over Mount Everest, will the love between father and daughter win?

  • Aqeedat is a tale of Mr Faizul Hasan Qadari, a humble and kind hearted soul who loses his wife due to illness. Then begins his journey to relive those moments with his wife after her death. Is the story of Mr Faizul contrast or inspirational for the visitor?

April 27th & 28th 2019 - 4pm and 7pm

Vyoma Art Space, 126/A, 8th Main Rd, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

May 4th 2019 – 4pm and 7pm

Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Near Metro Station, MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Contact: 9880045713









  • Mr Ganesh Gopalan

    Mr. Ganesh Gopalan


    "Pensato is one of the best event that happened in Bangalore last year, 2017. Each and every moment I cherished, mainly for two reasons -
    1. It marked my debut as a Theatre Director in Hindi
    2. I ended up meeting and making friendship with several actors and directors. Thanks to Gaurav, for giving me a free hand in running the rehearsals and the show till the end. Its an honor for me for the amount of faith he has in me. Though my rehearsals were tough and time consuming, I must say, I got the best actors for the play and they gave the best performance. No wonder, "Mera Pushpak Viman", the Hindi comedy play was very well received by the audience. Due to some personal reasons, I couldn't be part of Esperanza, this year, but waiting to bounce back for the next event from Indradhanush Production."

  • Mangadevi Bhamidipati

    Mangadevi Bhamidipati


    Indradhanush......A Rainbow of Colours......My First Production....My First Play is one which I would take to my grave just like a woman's first love......It was an amazing kickstart and a wonderful experience working under this production......The theme of giving it a different name every year is the most interesting part of this production house.....and I would say its my lucky charm that I did 6 plays till now in a span of just an year.......My First Director Gaurav Nigam.....will always be close to my heart for giving me an opportunity, for
    believing in me......I hope I didnt let him down Thanks is just not enough! I wish this production house does infinite number of plays by giving chance to new talent which was always their protocol. Signing Off......
    Mangadevi Bhamidipati

  • Vandana



    It was a great experience working with the pensato team...with the six stories which gives a social message it was a complete entertainment... I loved the live music band and all the songs incorporated considering the theme of the plays...Gaurav’s vision was very clear what he wanted out of his actors and team...He has given platform to lot of new upcoming actors and believed in all ....cheers to Indradhanush family ...and I was happy being a part of it...

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