About Us

Our Mantra

IndraDhanush believes every individual has something special in him/her. The need of the hour is just to get the right opportunity at the right time. Lot of IndraDhanush members are working professionals and homemakers who couldn’t take their passion further due to various constraints. IndraDhanush gives you the opportunity to explore the inner you. If you have a dilemma, IndraDhanush has the answer!

  • Who are we

    IndraDhanush refers to rainbow, where every colour has different wavelengths but still they stay together. IndraDhanush is a performing arts group. It was established in 2012 by Gaurav Nigam, a Theater practitioner by passion and a Marketing professional by choice. This group comprises of anyone and everyone who loves any form of performing arts. Theater is the backbone of this group. Group is a seamless blend of amateurs and professionals working alike towards creating meaningful performances. For us IndraDhanush (ID) is “Identifying you”.

  • What we do

    IndraDhanush does full-fledged stage plays, street plays, radio plays, musical dramas, flash mobs and customized corporate events. In the journey of around 5 years, IndraDhanush has given opportunity to more than 400+ individuals to come on stage supported by 100+ people in production roles spanning over 60 performances.

  • Why be a part of IndraDhanush

    Wrong are those people who think theater and dramatics is all about acting and dialogues. There is a lot of hard work involved in presenting the fees to the eyes one receives. IndraDhanush gives you opportunity to discover your interest and help you sharpen your knowledge where you can satisfy yourself with your talent, get recognition for your passion and appreciation for your hard work.
    Do you want to show the emotions of your alter personality image you have in your mind? Do you want to be the mind behind the characters? Do you want to be artist who can add spices to the drama?
    Do you want to be the next Next?

Founder speaks…

People believed Aamir Khan when he used the term “All is well” in 3 idiots movie. Reason being simple – people believe good things should happen in their lives. With this belief, I started my job in 2012, only to realize not everyone was happy with what they were doing. Commitments towards hectic work schedules and family pressures had somewhere sent people to their shells. The genesis of IndraDhanush, a performing arts group, started from here.
Established in 2012, IndraDhanush has a mantra to create avenues for people to harness their long forgotten passions and help them accelerate on this path. It gives special boost to the ones who need that ‘first opportunity’ to experiment and prove themselves. On the other hand, experienced artists enhance their learning curves through challenging assignments.
I believe every individual is worth a unique talent. Need is to realize it. IndraDhanush, as a family, nurtures this self-realization for each of its members.
I am extremely delighted to see so many of its members setting up milestones in various realms of performing arts. I encourage them to go on and grab the stars…we are with you.
All the Best!

Gaurav Nigam
Founder & Mentor - IndraDhanush

Theater in Education

IndraDhanush realizes the strong potential of theater to usher the change. IndraDhanush has engaged in designing plays centred around social threads like physical disability, diversity and inclusion, voting rights, women remarriage, religion bias to name a few. IndraDhanush believes that a story well told can create a spark to change the society. While IndraDhanush continues to be associated with the social cause, it has conducted several workshops on acting, script-writing, direction, production skills. Periodically these theater workshops are organized to train the enthusiasts in a comfortable environment while throwing challenges at them.

Join us & Explore the wonderful world of Theater

If you and/or your friends are looking to learn Theater or improve your existing skills, then IndraDhanush can help you. IndraDhanush performances will give you real-time experience. Through our network, we can recommend and mentor you for the relevant opportunities. If your name is registered with IndraDhanush then you will be given preference in the next round of auditions.

Fun @ IndraDhanush

IndraDhanush members belong to one big family. Therefore, everyone stands together to rejoice a performance or share a feedback. This fun during and beyond the meetings, helps build a rapport and bon homie amongst the members.
This is a place where you can be yourself. Nobody is your boss. Nobody is the hero. Nobody is the vamp. Everyone is given the opportunity to explore their forte and perform out of your comfort zone. After parties are arenas where you explore the wild and kid side of each member of IndraDhanush. This is a place where you can be playful, yet learn simultaneously. Our outings, trips, group lunches, dinners, after parties add on to the wagon of fun elements of bring together in this journey.