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If there is anything which can be claimed as most powerful and omnipresent, it is love.
Not just human beings, even flora and fauna respond to it.
All other emotions, vices and virtues emanate from love.

Our theme for this year’s production is "Tresna", which in Javanese language means love.

Through four plays under this umbrella theme, we have tried to decode the love
by exploring various facets of love ranging from
love between spouses; love for your father; obsessions; and love for the country.

April 27th & 28th 2019 - 4pm and 7pm

Vyoma Art Space, 126/A, 8th Main Rd, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

May 4th 2019 – 4pm and 7pm

Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Near Metro Station, MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


Contact: 9880045713



  • Faria Fatma

    Faria Fatma

    Actor / Production Manager / Director

    "It has been a long association with IndraDhanush, where I got a chance to portray some complex characters in their beautiful stories.
    It will always remain special to me as it also gave me my first opportunity to 'Direct' a play!"

  • Chirag Jain (C.J.)

    Chirag Jain (C.J.)

    Production Artist / Director / Screen Writer

    "I have been proudly associated with IndraDhanush since its inception. It was my first theater experience and since then IndraDhanush has painted me into several colors of dramatics, ranging from production, lights, sound, props to dialogues, script writing, directing and acting!"

  • Ashwini Naik

    Ashwini Naik


    "IndraDhanush added colors to my acting career by honing my skills. It boosted my confidence by giving me an opportunity to perform for a live audience. It used to be so refreshing after a long day's work at office. They were fun times! Currently based in Boston, I miss all the action!"

  • Ankita Makin

    Ankita Makin

    Theater Artist / Writer

    “IndraDhanush gave me a platform to discover my hidden talents. Being one of the oldest members, it is much more than a family to me. I am sure it would continue to strive forward and be globally famous!”

  • Sahil Dua

    Sahil Dua

    Actor / Director

    “IndraDhanush brought out the actor and director in me. It is a family where I connected with a lot of friends. Being in Singapore, I really miss IndraDhanush, the laughs, fun, learning and of course scoldings, a lot!”

  • Neha Ahmed

    Neha Ahmed

    Actor / Director

    “IndraDhanush helped me realize my passion by throwing new challenges on my way, such as my first lead role in a play! 3 years in theater has evolved me as a person. The family of IndraDhanush is all I have to thank for.”

  • Mohit Goyal

    Mohit Goyal

    Technical Production Artist

    IndraDhanush converted my skills and interest towards Technical Production tasks like Sound Design, Light Design, Stage Design, Art Design & Theatre Photography to a new world and given lots of Professional opportunities. It has been a long association with IndraDhanush with lot of memories and Learning and counting more...

  • Sharddha



    For Indradhanush has brought out the actor in me which I have never thought of, has always always been an influential factor in my life. Still tripping over all the rehearsals, learnings and the great times I have had with the family. Much fascinated to endorse all the energy and witness the growth. Everything at Indradhanush vibes with me. More power to all of us to reach higher heights and deeper depths!!!

  • Sreeparna Ghosh

    Sreeparna Ghosh


    Indradhanush happened to me just at the nick of time when I almost succumbed to the daily routine life of an IT professional in the year 2013. And it has been like my family since then.  Indradhanush has given me a platform to express myself through art of my own choice, given the proper exposure to the outer world, some of the precious moments that I would cherish throughout my life and has given me some of the wonderful friends I proudly have today. Gaurav, the man behind the inception of Indradhanush, has been a great leader and even a greater friend. I thank him for bringing Indradhanush to our lives. I also thank all the senior members of the team, especially Chirag and Padma, who have been wonderful instructors and friends throughout the journey. Although, I have not been an active member of the group since I left Bangalore, still it feels honoured to be a part of Indradhanush.